I create objects, things, and videos that use clay to explore the mystery of life. Clay is easily malleable and simultaneously durable. It records history as it transforms into an everlasting material when properly fired. When left unfired, inherent qualities allow it to be recycled back to its original state. Its ability to function in a cyclical manner, rather than as a means to an end, are exploited through my studio practice. I constantly strive to connect my process with a greater understanding of life and our purpose for living in this specific time.

Recent works utilized the natural properties of unfired clay to cultivate a larger conversation about reoccurring practices throughout history. Many cultures place emphasis on afterlife in an attempt to memorialize or preserve their time spent here on earth. Egyptians built tombs with ceramic Canopic jars to preserve their organs, the Greeks poured water and wine through ceramic vessels as an offering to their deities, and today we store bodies in urns or coffins as a way to memorialize our legacy. Regardless of what culture we are from, interest in the afterlife connects humanity and emphasizes our cyclical nature. My studio practice reveals my own belief system and desire to be memorialized through clay, video, installation, and human experience.

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